Saturday, 10 May 2014

Just Mooching About With My Pal

Me and Ginger love mooching about together ...
... we walk side by side, fur against fur.

Cuddled up and walking .....

... oops I want to go left and he's obviously got his eye on something else.

Where's he gone now?

Nope ... he's vanished.

Aha .... snuck up behind me again he did.
Mum's busy with those pesky chickens again, so she left me to talk to you today :-)
Gruff, gruff ... have a good day.
(I don't woof .... I'm a Pug.)
Suky xx


  1. Ah bless their little furry socks!
    Jane x

  2. Oh how I love your Suky, can we see some morepictures of Rosie and Mavis, x Your animals have the perfect little home, I bet they are so happy, x

  3. Lovely to see cat and dog getting along! Cute!

  4. Oh Sue, you have the cutest collection of pets. Suky and Ginger look so adorable together :)

  5. So cute that they are best buddies.


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