Friday, 26 October 2012

Damp Devastation

I'm still harvesting things from the Veggie Patch, although it has now turned into a place of damp devastation.  The weeds are running rampant and the days are just too cold and damp to do much out there.  A weeding session is on the cards for tomorrow if the forecast is as the TV weatherman said dry, sunny and cold.
Yesterday I snipped a whole bed of Spinach and processed the leaves for freezing.

Very simply just washed twice and then steamed until wilted, then the excess juices pushed out and squeezed into handful shaped blobs and open frozen.  This morning all the 'blobs' were put into a freezer box and now we have 12 portions of Spinach to add to meals.
Amazing how little it all looks once processed, but well worth it for the the goodness and nutrients it supples.  Popeye would be proud.
We are steadily working our way through the contents of the freezer, and, up to now, remembering to cross off the used foods!!  Now I will have to remember to add to the list 12 portions of spinach.
With the pack of Filo Pastry I made some quick little turnovers containing the leftover Mediteranean Veggies from the other nights meal.  A meal made from vitually nothing.  The coleslaw was made with simply carrot, onion and homegrown Kohl Rabi straight from the Veggie Patch, even a place of damp devastation can provide a good healthy and nutricious meal if you look hard enough.
We are having a nice relaxing weekend with Lovely Hubbys younger sister staying with us for the four days, I see lots of lovely family time and possibly a bit of weeding and painting ahead.
Whatever you're doing this weekend have fun and lets hope that as they said the sun does shine however briefly on us all.
Sue xx


  1. I LOVE spinach. It doesn't grow well here because it's too dry and hot for the most part.
    Jane x

  2. Reading your post yesterday made me visit my indoor and outdoor upright freezer to stock take. Also added a few extra lines on for anything else I need to add. It is now magnet pinned onto the front of the fridge!

  3. When I first read about damp I thought OH NO DAMP PROBLEM! So glad you're ok.

    Sft x

  4. You and me both on the weeding, Sue. I've decided just to give up on the veggie plot, dig everything up and hope that we get a proper summer next year :(

    And then I'm officially hibernating..

    1. That sounds like a very good plan, and the hibernating sounds like a brilliant idea!!

      Sue xx

  5. I need to weed our gardens, but honestly don't think I have the time. Brought in the last of the tomatoes today to ripen up.

    Gill in Canada

  6. good luck with the weeding! I have given up on mine - the woods are creeping under the fence and we have brambles - ivy on the other side - it could be past help!

  7. I've used Filo pastry twice recently & lovely it is ! spinach parcels looking good.


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