Friday, 24 June 2011


Mum, has found out that lots of you have been having trouble commenting so she has been playing with the 'Settings', you should now be able to comment more easily.

Just try it,......... simply say how very pretty you think I am to try out the new easier commenting ability.

I know....I am pretty aren't I !!  I'm off now to  chase a chicken...or maybe a cat, I don't mind!

Rosy xx


  1. I found the only way I could leave comments was by loading Mozilla as my new browser- now I've done it I realise just how slooooooooooooow Internet Explorer was!

  2. yes, firefox is good! Alsdo Linux/ Ubuntu is better than windows!! (uses half the 'brain', so much quicker...and its free!!)
    Also the embedded comments don't work as well as the separate box :-)


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