Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Luxury on a budget.......

Just because you're on a budget should never mean that a little bit of luxury goes out the window!
While at Mum and Dad's last week celebrating my Lovely Mum's birthday we went touring the garden centres. Lots of chat over coffee, and catch up of news over lunch, and then a bit more chat over another coffee......I know I lead a hard life...lol. While there we had to do a spot of bargain shopping and boy oh boy were we in luck this time, the lovely lady was busy filling up the bargain shelves and we were oohing and aahing and unfilling them for her....the more room we made, the more goodies she put out, so we were helping other folks to get bargains too!!
So we have some Peaches in Brandy, Mandarins in Rum, Creamy Stilton Dip for Lovely Hubby to dip his celery into, Sticky Toffee Cake to have with custard and lots of lovely Relishes, Sauces Jams etc to add to other dishes and make our storecupboard items go even further.
Most of the things I bought to be honest and frank I didn't need, but when you are being a good girl most of the time it keeps you going to find the odd treat, and the little Jute bags that some of my purchases came in were just too gorgeous to resist.
~ I redeemed myself completely by bartering with Mum and Dad, they got four dozen eggs freshly laid by my Lovely Ladies and I got four pounds of seed potatoes, a big jar of pickles and a jar of Mum's own Damson Brandy Jam. ~ The Challenge

So by the end of the week my total spend was £42.81, not bad considering this included my little splurge at the garden centre, normal bread and milk purchases and a few little treats for Lovely Hubby to enjoy while I was away from the farm. So Spotty Jug had a £27.19 donation from me and a surprise £20 donation from LH who un-beknown to me has been doing a little lunch money saving of his own.

I couldn't resist having a count of the pennies contained in Spotty Jug and was very pleasantly surprised to find she contains £295.06, not a bad save since the start of the year.

As the sun struggles to come through the heavy mist of earlier, I am staying tucked up in the house this morning, thank you for all the warm wishes and yes, I am feeling much better today. The animals all behaved impeccably first thing, no pushing and shoving of the invalid that was feeding them. Maud's babies looked at me most reproachfully, first taking away their little sisters and then vanishing from sight, no cuddles were allowed and I will have to win back their trust, expecially little Miss Piggy, my favorite (I know, I know you shouldn't have favourites........).

I hope the sun shines on your day too.

Sue xx


  1. Wow Sue that is an amazing total , since the start of the year :-) .. You were certainly lucky with your bargains too :-)

  2. Oh I'm so in love with those Union Jack bags!! What a lovely haul of bargains too. Well done on your savings - that's a great achievement. Hope you'll be back in favour with the piglings very soon!

  3. That sounds like a lovely weekend, I always love a bargain and a treat too : )

    Kirstin xx

  4. Oh yum! What a wonderful haul! Enjoy! Cx


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