Monday, 15 November 2010

Like an onion......

As I peeled off layers of clothes this morning, an onion sprang to mind, as I removed layer after layer, two pairs of trousers, one tee-shirt, one sweatshirt, one cosy fleecey jacket and then a quilted bodywarmer, two pairs of socks had kept my feet almost warm and with cosy gloves and my hands in fleece lined pockets as I walked the dogs, wearing my lovely cosy fur lined hat with ear flaps, it was no wonder that the pigs looked at me in wonder a few minutes earlier!!
The frost lay think on the ground til late and the heavy mist never went today, it lifted slightly, but the sun's weak rays could do nothing to burn it off.
~ The birds and the animals have spent the day mooching about, scratching for food, sleeping in cosy arks, ignoring the miserable day on the outside. The highlight of their day, me appearing once more dressed like Scott of the Antartic with fresh rations at teatime. Now they are all in bed for the night, tucked up safe and secure and it's time for the fire to be lit in our hearth, for curtains to be closed and for us to follow the example of the animals.
Who says animals have no sense.
Sue xx


  1. Winter is coming, say the geese and the squirrels! Have a cozy time in front of your lovely fire.

  2. I agree, the perfect day for being cosy in front of a roaring fire. My Pugs have hardly moved from the AGA all day...don't blame them!!
    Jo xx

  3. Had to laugh at scott of the antartic hubby reckons i look like a teletubby when i wrap up to go to stay in and keep cosy..

  4. How funny - I had a boyfriend once who was so skinny he was always cold & wore layers & layers of clothes - but still managed to look skinny ! As opposed to me of course !
    Thanks for the giggle over at mine today x

  5. Heehee, know that onion feeling well!! Keep telling folk I am a size 10 underneath all the layers!
    Sarah xx

  6. peeled like an onion reminds me of the Sylvia Plath poem. Lovely post and pictures. Helen


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