Thursday, 5 August 2010

Soaps and My Mum

Did you guess what I was up to yesterday?
Of course using cake tins for their proper use would be much to normal in this household, I was making a fresh batch of soap. It is going down so well at the Farmers Markets I have to make a new selection for each market.
I am trying to stick to just a couple of choices, slices or hearts to keep things simple and aid the production line. Otherwise you find people saying 'I wanted a round lemon one or a square lavender', when all you have left are heart shaped orange can't please all the folk all the time. Anyway the kitchen smelt gorgeous all day. Unfortunately, when Lovely Hubby came home it was back to packing more 'Betty' meat for todays sales and the atmosphere changed completely. We are so pleased we have managed to sell almost all of the meat not set aside for LH's own consumption. The rest is now safely stored in the freezer and I can claim back by big fridge.....oooh I feel a shopping trip coming on!! And what else did I promise you yesterday....... Why 'before' and 'after' shots of my Mum I do believe! After lots of girlie talk last week she bravely took the plunge and decided in one fell swoop to knock at least ten years off her age by cutting off her newly done 'granny perm' and, in the process of changing tops, a good 2 or 3 dress sizes vanished too. (The top in the above picture has already been donated to the charity shop!) My new Mum.....I'm soooooo proud she looks....well just like me (and you can tell she loves it just look at that cheeky grin). Gok Wan would be proud, as would the 10 Years Younger brigade.
If you like the change, please leave a comment, she's coming here to stay for the weekend with my Dad and would love to see what you lovely Blogging ladies (and men) think. Have a lovely day, I have to go and do my seems I have competition!! Sue xx


  1. It's true, your mum does look younger, and I love her changed hairstyle!

  2. What a lovely mummy you have!! She looks just fab, Big (((hugs))) for her and you. Karen.xx

  3. Hello Sues Mum, you do look fabulous. Sue must get her cheeky smile from you too.

    Bertie x

  4. Lovely soaps, lovely Mum. Your Mum definitely looks 10 years younger! She looks fresh and updated and her hair looks wonderful and very youthful!

  5. As if you haven't enough to do , with all the animals and veggies, jam making, etc etc and you make soap too! I am posivitely lazy .. I have lost all interest, in anything domestic, even cooking a meal... I think the menopause is kicking in .

    YOur mum looks fab, what a difference the haircut makes.. think its brilliant .. yeah who needs Gok Wan .. when you have Sue :-)

    My mum wouldn't do this , we said years ago to do it.

  6. She looks lovely and yes her new hairstyle really does knock 10 years off! Love the soaps too xx

  7. Goodness - your Mum is an fantastic example of how to shed the years. I love the new hair style!

    Also love the soaps. It's something I've been meaning to try and is in my to do queue!!

  8. Your Mum looks wonderful - a good hairstyle gives you such a lift! How to be 10 years younger without all the so-called 'experts'!!!!
    I bet your soaps smell delicious!
    Love Kathy xxx

  9. She looks lovely Sue, as do your yummy soaps!

  10. Love the soaps and your Mum, she certainly does look younger. I shall show my Mum the difference a new hairdo and top can make!

  11. the soaps look fantastic and so does your mum!

  12. One great hairstyle, one happy mum i bet... Sues mum you look sooo young! hugs Jackanne xxx

  13. what colour are you doing your hair? Always room for a change eh!

  14. Totally love the new style - she looks fabulous. Well done mum for taking the plunge.

    Your soaps look lovey too.

  15. I always wondered at what age one should start having one of those perms, lol! Absolutely 100 times better, very chic and youthful - a very successful makeover. You look fab, Sue's mum!

  16. Hi Joan ,
    you look great ,pretty and smart ,i must say.
    looking forward to see sue's new looks too.
    happy weekend

  17. Wow, your Mum looks wonderful with the shorter straighter hair! It's amazing the change it made. Looks superb! :)

  18. Wow your mum looks fab, like you had Gok or Trinny and Susannah round! Give her a compliment from me, definitely 10 years younger!

  19. Your soap looks amazing any chance you could post a how to make it( or is it classified)
    Only 22 months to go ....


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