Monday, 17 May 2010

Even more planting........

My favorite bed.....Garlic and Artichokes, only needs weeding and watering once a week.....simples!!
It seems there is no end to it, as soon as I have potted some things on there are more waiting to be planted.
Cabbages in their final resting place in the polytunnel (with some beans in the foreground waiting to be planted outside).

I think I overdid it with the lettuce.....and , yes, I forgot to take them to the car boot sale....doh!!

But no worries........look at all my lovely compost! Today I am potting on Celery and sowing some more mixed leaves and radishes, we've nearly ate them all.....yummy!

Back to work. Sue xx


  1. They always say a womans work is never done!

    Vanessa x

  2. everything looks so wholesome & healthy - wonderful !

  3. Those lettuces look tasty Sue:)


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