Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Cosy Cats

Yesterday was bitterly cold. I worked in the polytunnel for a while, did a spot of watering after fixing the end of the hose which initially flew off with the stream of water and checked all the new growth. It seemed unfair to plant more when it was so cold, so I tucked up what I already had and left them warm and cosy.
After a spot of tidying on the patio I retreated to the warmth of the house and all the boring jobs (housework). When I walked in the living room the above picture is the sight that greeted me, the cats had decided that the settle made for a perfect bunkbed. One level each all warm and cosy. Top cat Toby on the top bunk of course.
They have the right idea.
Sue xx


  1. couldn't agree more, clever cats!

  2. very cosy & as I write mine are curled up on couches or beds.
    Lovely to see the new speckles & glad they are settling in OK.
    I love it when one of the cats sits on the hen house contemplating....

  3. Beautiful puddy cats♥♥ My 3 are asleep in various parts of the lounge while I am playing on my computer:) I'm starting at the beginning of Lavender's Blue.... and I am absolutely loving it. Wow what a thrilling journey for you and your DH. Cannot read it quick enough.


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