Monday 9 November 2009

Missing Weekend

Where did that weekend go? It seems to have been over in a flash.

Bramble and Rosy
On Friday while Lovely Hubby got on with a bit of tree planting and general tidying around the farm, I got seriously stuck in to some Christmas card making for the Farmers Market on Sunday. Friday also saw us looking after Holly and Bramble our landlords lovely pair of mother and daughter black Labradors.

Holly - a delightful old lady.
Saturday saw us, with all four dogs scrumping (getting apples, both windfalls and off the tree) they will make tasty snacks for the pigs and would otherwise have gone to waste. The best of them I may just pick out for another batch of apple puree. Then I took LH out for lunch at Bicester Avenue and it was also a chance for me to pick up more supplies for my card making (it's becoming an obsession, but at least one that makes us some money).

Sunday saw us up bright and early at the Farmers Market, me setting up stall and LH in the kitchen, it was his turn for bacon butty duty. After the market was over we drove around the surrounding villages picking up the Farmers Market signposts (it was our turn for this too). And then LH was off to collect some more horse muck and follow a new contact he has made for further supplies. Our worm business is going to start with a flourish come spring when all this has composted down slightly.

By the time we had done all this it was time for a quick bonfire, put all the animals to bed (even the chickens needed a helping hand last night as they got themselves stuck behind the orchard fence!) and then get ourselves warm and cosy for the evening by the roaring log fire in the living room.

Truly a very speedy weekend and now it's a new week, with a misty, cold and damp start. The dogs have been walked, the chickens are exploring in the pond (there's no water in it at the moment) and the cats are tucked up in their little wigwam beds. The pigs seem to be wanting a holiday in Australia, they are about four foot down in a huge hole they have decided to make. Me, I'm sitting at the computer, office work done for the day with a lovely cup of coffee and slice of buttered toast. I'm having a blog catching up session and later I hope to add a little Christmassy something to my little blog shop.

Hope you had a good weekend too.

Sue xx


  1. It did go quickly Sue, but yours sounds as though you enjoyed it x

  2. I always make sure I have what I need to be done out of the way before I start crafting as I can be in my craft room for hours without realising how much time has passed. It does sound like you had a lovely weekend X

  3. Hi Sue, great that you came over to my blog
    :-) Thanks for commenting. Oh yes it is a small world. I see that from your side blog roll you will be at Didcot Christmas fair, I will try and make it there. A small blogging world indeed!

  4. Hi Sue,

    It may have been over in a flash but gosh, you did LOADS this weekend! And sounds like lots of practical things and fresh air too... well done you!

    Love Charlotte

  5. lots done ! I really should get round to doing my cards - enjoyed making them last year.

    No offence taken at the " F " word ! I've been using it a lot myself recently and get told off by my thirteen year old !

    Hens seem quite good at going to bed but one of them will keep popping next door during the day ! She's just too sociable !

  6. Hello there! I spent the weekend in Washington DC (meeting) after having spent five wonderful days in Ohio visiting my sister. I am SO happy to be home again catching up with my favorite writers.

  7. one thing for sure life in the country is never boring!!! I tried clicking on your photos but they don't enlarge, is that normal? I was wanting a better look at your Christmas cards, as they look so nice.

    Gill in Canada


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