Friday, 3 April 2009

Planting Weekend

The picture above is from last week, we got our tulips in around the trees on the edge of House pond. At the back of the house we planted some of the fruit bushes, all encircled with little rings of stone so we can see where they are.
Stone circles, where fruit bushes have 'landed' not aliens!
This weekend (hopefully) will be all about planting some more. Planting the potatoes currently 'chitting' away on the kitchen windowsills, planting the courgettes, carrots, leeks and the salad crops that are all stretching their pretty little heads towards the sunshine from their base in the toilet roll tubes. Of course they will have to be slightly protected still from the occasional extremely cold nights we have been getting, but thats where the 'pop' bottles come in!

We're ready for action!

Have a good and productive weekend. I'm off to start mine now.
Sue xx


  1. Hope we have great weather cos we're planning much of the same here Sue xx

  2. You have been busy! Much better organised than me, I did loads of planting last week and didn't remember to mark where! Wish I'd thought of using stones! Have a great, productive weekend

  3. stopped by for a look see ..........


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