Sunday, 10 February 2013

Me and Green

Thank you for all those wonderful comments yesterday.  It seems there is a lot of 'Larder Love' out there!  There were a couple of enquiries about the shade of green, it doesn't have a name, a least not one that I know of.  It is 'My Green'.  (Here is a full view of the fireplace as it looks this morning.)
It all started with this jug, a really old jug made in England by a company called 'Lovatts', I found it at a car boot sale many, many years ago when I was married to my first husband, it has a chipped pouring lip and as such is no good to be used as a jug, but ideal for what I like to use jugs for - flowers.
The shade of green shouted at me from across the school yard where the car boot sale was being held and although we had virtually no money at the time I handed over a whole pound for this beauty without quibble or haggle.  It is a plain, bog standard straight sided jug but the colour made my heart sing.
It came with me when I made the sad decision to leave my husband, not much more did, I walked away with my son, my four cats and personal belonging, amongst these was my jug.  After a couple of years we were divorced and as he bought me out of the marital home I had money to put a deposit on my very own little terraced house.  When the kitchen was re-fitted I painted the walls 'my green', taking the jug to the DIY store for colour mixing.
Jump forward a couple of years and now with Lovely Hubby we went to look at our last farm ready for our change of lifestyle and guess what,  the front and back doors were painted in the exact shade of green, of course I fell in love (with the house, I was already in love with my man).
It's followed us everywhere and now when there is a choice to be made it's white (for walls, crockery, kitchen things etc) or green.  The 'money plant' in the picture a gift of my Mum is almost the exact shade of green, although the camera refuses to pick it up.
Most shelves we buy are painted in this colour.
Even this lovely antique set of shelves got the 'green treatment'
... and is now used for something much more useful.
Touches everywhere of my favourite colour.
Oh, and I wouldn't even have met Lovely Hubby if it wasn't for the colour green!!
We met online (as you do) and in his questionnaire he said he had blonde hair and green eyes, I thought what a lovely combination (I have brown hair, dyed blonde and green eyes) so I got in touch with him (lots of other things sounded brilliant too, I'm not completely mad!).  One of the first things that I noticed about him was that his eyes were actually blue (I don't like blue eyes on my men) but by that time luckily he was already growing on me :-)  So if he hadn't mistakenly got the colour of his eyes wrong I wouldn't have made that initial contact with him.
So green has followed me everywhere I go, if you want to get this shade of green for yourself I can only suggest that you find something this colour and get the paint mixed up, or if you're lucky it will be available ready mixed in the multitude of shades you can now buy at DIY shops.
Sue xx


  1. Thanks Sue, that's a lovely story and im glad that you have moved on and found the one for you. I love the colour also and how you havent gone mad with it and painted everything in site but just hi-lighted various pieces.

  2. It's a lovely shade of green, quite unusual. I loved the story of the green eyes, it was obviously fate that you met.

  3. What a lovely story. Thanks for sharing. I always feel like I have a particular affinity for green too and put it down (most of the time) to having green eyes. :)

  4. I am loving your posts this year, really loved the last one and glad to see so much hellmans REAL mayo! I so hate the light stuff lol your organisational skills are inspiring! and they story of the jug is beautiful, its funny how sometimes a simple object can connect on such a deep level and give such joy :) just lovely :)

  5. Love this - My Green - really lovely.

    Hey, who's the bunny on the shelves? She is s pretty thing!


    1. She's a real oldie, dressed in her original clothes, I think she dates back to the 40s or 50s. Lovely Hubby bought her for me at an Antique Event we went to. But I have decided not to keep her anymore, would you like her?

      Sue xx

  6. Hi Sue! Greetings from Mancunia! I found the love of my life six years ago too, just over a year after ending an unhappy marriage and I definitely was not looking as I had become a happy singleton! I have larder envy, not the contents so much as you know I am vegan but the actual cupboard! Bought the book mentioned in your post yesterday as if you like it I figure it must be good!

  7. Nice to know the story behind your green theme...and I love the silver cockerel!
    Jane x

  8. What a cute story! I love the colour green and it sneaks in everywhere x

  9. Love green too, just painted my kitchen walls green...overtly olive I think its called.

  10. It is very much an "in" colour right now too. I visited a vintage fayre this morning and saw lots of items this same colour. I have a jug myself which I am convinced is the same make as yours. Mine was my nana's and I can still remember her making the yorkshire pudding mixture in it. I chipped the spout when lifting it out of the dishwasher - granite worktops are unforgiving in such instances! I still use it however - for gravy and mixing yorkshire puddings. Not anywhere near as good as nana's I hasten to add! lol!

  11. Oh and my eyes are green with hazel flecks!

  12. Loved to read your story.... I have just realised that my kitchen walls are green (not unlike your bricks in your kitchen); my dining room is green (antique parchment) as are the stairs and landing... and my bedroom is green! I find it's a lovely relaxing colour and very appropriate for my little country cottage!
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  13. That antique 1930s green is my favourite too
    Our front room has that colour palate

  14. That's a lovely story Sue. I love that your hubby got his eye colour wrong! It's funny but I've got a similar thing with a deep orange vase that was a wedding present, when I married my now ex. I keep trying to match paint to it, one day I'll get it right :)

  15. My blue-eyed mum said she married my dad because he had brown eyes and she wanted brown eyed children. All four of us have brown eyes. What a pity she didn't notice what else they could inherit; his large backside...two of us did, and yes, one of them is me!

  16. My flat was recently painted in this green, the only green shade I like, as none of the others appeal.

  17. That was a lovely read Sue.
    A Busker who sang at the folk club once sang about a girl with long hair / green eyes. I bought his CD & next time he sang, I requested the song.

    ( so glad your online man was lovely hubby and we can forgive him about the colour of his eyes ! a friend of mine got taken in by a compulsive liar )

  18. Lovely soft minty green ... yes I will be looking to paint something in that shade this week!

  19. Wooohooo, another green - eyed, green lover!!!


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